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Housing for Acton Families - through a Community Land Trust

Central Acton Neighbourhood Area Forum [CANForum] was designated by Ealing Council.  Through the Central Acton Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP), we are keen to address  the issue of affordable family housing for local people through a Community Land Trust where housing products are for home ownership, shared ownership or for rent, and where the underlying aim will be to ensure the homes will be affordable in perpetuity.

CANForum commissioned AECOM Ltd. to carry out a Housing Needs Survey, the outcome demonstrates a need for both social-affordable rental family housing, and affordable family home ownership. There is also a requirement for larger homes for multi-generational families. Ealing currently has a housing waiting list of 8 years for a three-bedroom social tenancy and 15 years for a four-bedroom tenancy.

To make these properties affordable they would be self-build and partial self-build with a mixture, probably 50/50 split of build to own and build to rent, tied to local salaries and local social housing rents. The rental properties with a lifetime tenancy and the opportunity to pass on the tenancy to a named direct descendant. Build to own properties could only be sold on at price based on average local earnings.

CANForum has no capital to purchase this land but by setting up a Community Land Trust (CLT) it could be acquired through a government backed £300m Community Housing Fund and other charitable concerns.

Families living in the CANForum area would be considered first for this exciting project, followed by greater Acton and then the rest of the borough.

As soon as public meetings are allowed, we will be holding a workshop to give more information about this exciting project.

To continue with this project, however, we need support from the community so please go to the Council’s Consultation page: and express your support.

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We are looking for two more residents to join CANForum to work on this exciting CLT project, if you are interested please email: